Our ingredients


Our fresh sourdough bread is delivered to us from a local bakery. Sourdough bread is made with wild yeast and whole grain flour and is the oldest and most original form of leavened bread. It’s great for making toasties because its slight sourness tastes amazing with cheese.

Cheeses & chutneys
We buy our cheese, chutneys and relishes from a fine food supplier that sources goods from the best artisan producers.
Gruyère –  made with raw milk in copper vats and matured for at least five months to achieve a rich, nutty flavour.
Stilton –  has the perfect balance between crumbly texture and tangy flavour.
Somerset Brie – matured for at least four weeks to achieve a creamy texture, velvety rind and fresh flavour.
Raclette – a sharp and nutty French cheese that’s gorgeously gooey when melted.
Gouda – mild, fresh and smooth, it goes with anything and is a perfect melter.
Vintage cheddar – matured for 14 months for the perfect flavour, a great all-rounder.
Mozzarella – a fabulous Italian cheese with perfect gooey and melting properties.

All our vegetables come from our local greengrocer.

All our serving boxes and trays are 100% compostable.