Our cheese toasties are very special. We use the tastiest cheeses and fresh ingredients in sourdough bread.

Our menu is always changing, but here’s a taster of the melty miracles we offer:

Stilton & bacon – stilton, mature cheddar & bacon 

Halloumi, honey & harissa – halloumi, mozzarella, honey and harissa 

Parmesan, peppers & chorizo – parmesan, mature cheddar, chorizo, peppers & tapenade 

Pecan, bacon & maple syrup – gruy√®re, raclette, bacon, maple syrup & pecan nuts

Camembert & pear – camembert, raclette and spiced pear chutney with nigella seeds 

Goat’s cheese & plum relish – goat’s cheese, raclette & plum and ginger relish

Brie & chutney – brie, mature cheddar & caramelised onion chutney

Pesto & mozzarella – mozzarella, mature cheddar, tomatoes & pesto