Our story

Hi, we’re Sarah and Emily.

Having worked in Publishing and HR for many years we wanted to tread a new path. So we decided to set up a street food business together.

We’re two sisters who love our food – planning it, preparing it, cooking it, eating it. So deciding to go down the culinary route was easy.

We particularly love the simple but winning combination of bread and cheese – let’s face it, who doesn’t! And we’ve long been fans of the humble cheese toastie. So we decided to step it up a gear and create gourmet versions using the best ingredients out there, from our fresh sourdough bread to fantastic artisan cheeses. The results – in all their melting gorgeousness – are quite simply irresistable.

You can’t beat a good grilled cheese sandwich. And ours are stunningly good.

We hope to see you soon

Sarah and Emily