Where to find us

2019 Events

We’re busy booking events right now, but here are a few places you’ll find us this year. There’s more to come!

Date Where What Time
17th March Reading Reading Half Marathon 10am-4pm
31st March Newbury Newbury Artisan Market 10am-4pm
11th – 14th April Reading Cheese Feast 11am – 10.30pm
24th – 26th May Hertford Hogsozzle Music Festival 8am – 11pm
6th June Reading Abbey Gardens 11.30am  – 2pm
8th June Harpenden Harpenden Carnival 12noon – 6pm
13th – 16th June Reading Feastival 11am – 10.30pm
28th – 30th June Derbyshire Sausage & Cider Festival 12noon -10pm
5th – 6th July North Nibley Nibley Music Festival 11am – 11pm
12th – 14th July Reading Readipop Music Festival 1pm – 11pm
26th – 28th July Solihull Summerfest Music Festival 12noon – 11pm
27-28 September Berkshire Burghfest Beer & Music Festival 12noon – 11pm
24th November Newbury Newbury Artisan Market 10am-4pm
5th December Bristol Aztec Hotel & Spa Christmas Fayre 4pm-8pm
8th December Newbury Newbury Artisan Market 10am-4pm

Places we’ve been to in 2018 

Eastbourne Easter Market, Grand Parade – Friday 30 March to Monday 2 April
Cheese Feast, Forbury Gardens, Reading – Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 April
Newbury Artisan Market – Sunday 29 April
Brighton Foodies Festival, Brighton Hove Lawns – Saturday 5 to Monday 7 May
Devizes Food & Drink Festival – Saturday 12 May
Hogsozzle Music Festival, Hertford, Herts – Friday 25 to Monday 28 May
Feastival, Forbury Gardens, Reading – Wednesday 13 to Sunday 17 June
Colchester Food and Drink Festival, Essex – Saturday 23 to Sunday 24 June
Nibley Festival, North Nibley, Gloucestershire – Friday 6 to Saturday 7 July
Thames Valley Park, Reading – Wednesday 11 July
Meraki Festival (VIP area), St Albans, Herts – Friday 10 to Sunday 12 August
Siren Craft Brew Tap Yard, Wokingham – Saturday 18 August
Summer Fest, Solihull – Saturday
 25 to Sunday 26 August
Dance Fest, Solihull – Monday 27 August
Newbury Artisan Market – Sunday 30 September
Walsall Arboretum Bonfire & Firework Display – Friday 3 November
Harpenden Christmas Carnival – Saturday 24 November
Devizes Lantern Parade Market – Friday 30 November
Aztec Hotel & Spa (Bristol) Christmas Fayre – Thursday 6 December
Newbury Christmas Artisan Market – Sunday 9 December